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Mecca Cola, the drink which prides itself on giving a share of its profits to “the children of Palestine”, has gone on sale in parts of Israel for the first time, the Haaretz daily reported.
Bottles featuring illustrations of Jerusalem’s landmark Dome of the Rock now line the shelves in Arab Israeli towns although they are not being stocked in Jewish areas of the country.
Mecca Cola’s French founder Taufik Mathlouthi said that he wanted to “struggle against Zionism inside its home,” but insisted he had no problem with Jews.
“We don’t have a problem with the Jews living in the Zionist entity, only with the entity itself and what it symbolizes,” he said.


The bottle labels state that 10 percent of the profits will go to “the children of Palestine,” while another 10 percent will be funnelled to local charities in each country where it is sold.


The company’s distributor in Israel Makdad Idris said he would donate all 20 percent of the profits to the Palestinians.


Mecca Cola was founded in 2002 to give Muslim consumers an alternative to traditional American products such as Coca Cola and Pepsi.

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