Coca-Cola has new rival called Mecca-Cola

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Vic: The main stories in today’s Melbourne newspapers


MELBOURNE, March 13 AAP – The main stories in today’s Melbourne newspapers




Page 1 – America unveils the world’s most powerful non-nuclear bomb.


Page 2 – Dying girl may live after she receives stem cell transplant from her naturally

conceived brother; Patrick Rafter wins Dawn Fraser Award; Victorian man dies when his

boast capsizes off NSW coast.


Page 3 – Drunk driver escapes jail because of blood test flaw; Sean Connery opposes

war in Iraq; Scientists find world’s oldest footprints on Italian volcano.


World – Libya is said to have reached a deal with the US and Britain to accept responsibility

for Lockerbie bombing; A juror expelled from court for wearing fcuk T-shirt; Thailand’s

male policemen battling unwanted advances from women and gay men because of hot uniform.


Coca-Cola has new rival called Mecca-Cola ; BHP Billiton pays more than $500 million

to cement its Calypso connection with the development of gas and oil field in West Indies.


Sport – Brad Ottens to miss at least 12 games because of prolapsed disc in back.




Page 1 – Commonwealth Games budget blows out to $1.1 billion; Prime Minister John Howard

to outline new reasons for war with Iraq; Two Australians imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay

will have their case taken to the US Supreme Court; World’s oldest footsteps discovered

in Italian volcano.


Page 2 – Channel seven to have half hour bulletin solely about Iraq on Monday; Disquiet

over Australia’s backing of war in Iraq reportedly widespread across intelligence sector;

Iraqis living in Shepparton protest over reports they were being spied on by police; US’s

pursuit of Iraq has effectively destroyed NATO alliance says strategic analyst; Federal


cabinet’s budget razor gang begins to shape budget; Jordan’s Islamic opposition group

warns Australia of backing US in war with Iraq.


Page 3 – Point Nepean land to become public parkland; Monash IVF criticises Epworth

Hospitals over delays in deciding whether to allow designer babies to help terminally

ill siblings; Speaker rules to allow breastfeeding in Parliament; Lorne one of Victoria’s

premier real estate spots.


World – US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld suggests Britain may pull out of attack

on Iraq; Anti-war Labor MPs have warned Tony Blair he could face a leadership challenge;

US military tested world’s most powerful conventional bomb.


Business – Consumer sentiment falls to lowest level in two years; Telstra announces

deals with Austar United Communications; Cameron O’Reilly set to play investment management



Sport – Brad Ottens to miss first half of season; Dean Rioli to play midfield in the

centre line for Essendon.

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