The firm donates 20 per cent of profits to European and Middle Eastern charities

Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)





SALES of Mecca-Cola, launched as a Moslem alternative to Coke, are booming.

French radio journalist Tawfik Mathlouthi developed the drink after asking his son to stop drinking Coca-Cola.

The firm donates 20 per cent of profits to European and Middle Eastern charities.

It is aimed at people who like the taste of the all-American drink but do not want to contribute to the US economy.

The company are still looking for a Scottish distributor, so yesterday, we tried it out with Scots in the central belt.

And although Coca-Cola was the preferred flavour, more than half of our tasters were willing to swap it for Mecca.

University lecturer Musaed Altumami, 32, was impressed by Mecca-Cola.

He said: “It has a very nice flavour and because it tastes the same as other products, I like to think I would buy it.”

Michael Kelly, 21, was full of praise for both the flavour and concept.

He said: “I think it tastes great – a bit like Pepsi. If I could make a protest against going to war by buying it, I definitely would.”

And Eve Short, 39, who works for the Big Issue, agreed. She said: “Even though I like the Coca- Cola better, I think it is an absolutely great idea.

“I am up for anything that is against the war and stops America making more money.”

Student and part-time market researcher Bill Henderson, 33, was delighted to hear of a company with principles.

He said: “I do confess to liking Coca-Cola in terms of flavour but I like the idea of boycotting American companies and making a stand against the war.”

Demolition worker Chris Keith, 23, said: “I like the taste of Coke better but I might buy Mecca if it meant boycotting American products.”

Security guard Charles Blades, 43, said: “I definitely prefer Coke and I don’t think Mecca- Cola is a good idea at all – why do people want to boycott the Americans? I wouldn’t take Mecca- Cola if it was free.”

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