Gordon Henderson 2013 BGordon Henderson was born in 1949 in Roseau the capital city of the Commonwealth of Dominica where he attended primary and secondary school before pursuing studies in Business Administration in Puerto Rico.

Because of his love for music and cultural industries went on to seek training in communications and marketing. Henderson joined the job market as a school teacher followed by a junior management position with Geest Industries an international import/export company involved in the banana industry in the Caribbean.

He later entered the music industry in different capacities while perfecting his knowledge in the field of communications. He managed the national radio station DBS for a short one year stint.

His work in music brought him to international recognition with his group Exile One and his media work led him to host and produce radio and television shows in the Caribbean, Europe and the USA. He is the recipient of numerous awards in the US, Africa, Caribbean and beyond.

In 1996 he was appointed International coordinator of Dominica’s World Creole Music Festival.

Gordon Henderson has been active in various groups and organizations involved in Caribbean integration through the development of cultural industries.