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The taste of Freedom

“Drink With Commitment, enjoy the taste of Freedom,” advises slogan of this brand.

The first and very Famous Slogan at Launching was: ” No more Drinking Stupid, Drink with Commitment”

After we moved to the following: Don’t Shake me, Shake your Conscience!

and Than: United we stand for Dignity, Finally all these Slogans were resumed in One, Simple, Clear and Strong:


A Sense of Sharing

20% of our net profits at Mecca Cola World Group Limited HK and all Subsidiaries goes to charities, with priority to childhood.

You can check our donation certificates and donation ceremonies at our blog

Its not a marketing Issue, it is a deep faith and commitment

We do believe that if we stop being selfish and give a little part of profits, we will not become poor but we will be able to eradicate poverty

It’s possible, it’s feasible,  YES WE CAN DO IT, WE HAVE DONE IT

Trade Committed

Mecca Cola aims to encourage new, more sustainable and responsible consumer behavior,

We commit to CARE about your Health, to select the best and most natural ingredients,

To reduce components with bad effect to your health, such as Sugar, Taurine, Caffeine, Acids in all our beverages.

We care about our EARTH, this common property of Human Beings and act for Justice & equality by giving advantage to the “Fair Trade”.

That’s our goal, that’s our daily ACTION

About Us

Mecca-Cola is a cola-flavoured carbonated beverage. The flagship product of the Mecca Cola World Company, it is marketed as an alternative to U.S. brands such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola to “pro-Muslim” consumers. The product’s name contains the traditional Latin-alphabet transliteration of مكة “Mecca”, the holiest city of Islam located in Saudi Arabia.

Mecca-Cola was launched in France, in November 2002, by Tawfik Mathlouthi, as a means of aiding Palestinians by tapping into demand for alternative products in European countries. He had been inspired by a popular Iranian soft drink, Zam Zam Cola and only decided to launch his own brand when he was unable to agree on terms for a distribution contract with Zam Zam.

Mecca-Cola is now sold in some parts of the Arab World as well as in certain regions of Europe. It has also been bought and consumed in certain parts of the United States, Britain, India and Canada. Although the product was created in France, the company is currently based in Dubai in the United ArabEmirates. Part of its corporate philosophy is, according to the Muslim charity precept, to support charities, and in particular to help the Palestinian people.

  • Halal

    All our beverages are alcohol free. Ingredients and manufacturing process used in the preparation of our drinks are subject to strict controls of our quality control team and by  health authorities in each country where our products are sold.

  • Health

    Mecca cola beverages and products meet international requirements and high standards in order to preserve the health of its consumers. Mecca Cola is ranked number 4 among the best drinks in the world (beside the three major brands. Conf: Zenit media international October 2008) and number one in the Arab world according to fords magazine .

  • Charity

    Mecca Cola reserves 20% of its net profits to charity action wherever it’s sold and dedicate it to childhood.

  • Sales Points

    Since we started in 2002 in Paris suburbs with 100 bottles, today Mecca-Cola is available in the five continents. We are pleased to announce that we crossed over 1.5 billion litters yearly and our brand awareness exceeds 80%.

  • Pricing

    the pricing policy of Mecca cola is based on strategy that takes in consideration several important facts related to the ideology and spirit of Mecca Cola.
    Our prices reflect the need to enlarge our consumer base standard without neglecting the standard of our quality and the fame of our brand.
    We are the only non-US global brand and we try to stick to the biggest brands despite the higher cost of our production.
    our products are organic and Halal for the sake of the preservation of our consumer health without affecting them by increasing our selling price.

The Office

Mecca cola poses a strong team leader specialists in areas including:

  • Directors,
  • Ingeneers,
  • Quality control,
  • Technical manager,
  • Marketers,
  • Web developers,
  • Web Designer,
  • Commercials,


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