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The producers of Mecca Cola, the fizzy drink with a message on every bottle to “drink committed” to the Muslim cause, were due to inaugurate a bottling plant in Morocco.


The Mecca Cola Beverage Company factory in the northern city of Casablanca cost 90 million dirhams (8.4 million euros) and was expected to be fully operational in June, L’Economiste newspaper reported.


One hundred people will be employed at the factory, producing the cola with a cause which has, since its launch in France in November last year by French-Tunisian businessman Tawfik Mathlouthi sold some three million bottles, said the paper.


Mecca Cola says it donates 10 percent of profits to Palestinian children and to European charities.


Every bottle of the drink, launched to rival US-produced world leader in the fizzy beverages’ sector, Coca-Cola, carries the message: “Don’t Drink Stupid, Drink Committed.”


“The product is a vehicle for ideas and tastes of militancy, and that gives the concept its strength,” Mecca Cola’s Moroccan general manager Omar El Alami told L’Economiste.


Attajdid newspaper put the cola’s success down to the “rejection” by the Muslim community in Europe of the hegemony of global soda companies which, the paper said, back “Zionism and American belligerence against Iraq.”

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