Mecca-Cola help children in Palestine

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Mecca-Cola help children in Palestine

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Memo: OIC Summit 2003.


“TEN per cent for Palestinian children. Ten per cent for local charity.” These pledges can be seen on the cans of Mecca-Cola, which makes its first appearance in the country at the Expo OIC 2003.


Why the Palestinians? “Palestinians are suffering because of atrocities committed by Israel, which is backed by the United States. They have been suffering since 1948, the longest human suffering in modern history,” said the company’s founder and chairman Taoufik Mathlouthi.

Mathlouthi said the company, based in France, supported Palestine not because it was a Muslim country, adding that it was also inhabited by Christians and Jews.


“We want to help Palestinian children whose fathers are rendered jobless by the conflict. The children have no future. We are also donating to charity organisations in non-Muslim countries where the drink is marketed,” he said.

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