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Out of 100 people surveyed in Pakistan,France, the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, or Senegal, everyone without exception has already heard of  Mecca-Cola and can  recognize and  identify the brand.

More than half  understood its message and  what makes it unique. And,depending on the  country,a minimum of five  to seven people have  already bought or tried the  product; of those,more than five drink it regularly and  faithfully.

This  is an extraordinary feat, considering Mecca-Cola’s origins and  start-up expenses, as well as the  fierce competition and  attacks, rumors, and complete absence of advertising in any form what­ soever during the first twelve months.

The fame of Mecca-Cola today is such  that, in the minds of  consumers and  others, we have moved up to the  major leagues,and people demand so much of us that they  expect Mecca-Cola to produce and achieve as much as the  two American brands that have  existed for more than a century.

When asked to name soft  drinks, people mention Mecca-Cola after Coca-Cola and  Pepsi, and  much more often than Virgin Cola or RC.

The brand started out  in a tiny,16-square-meter room in Saint-Denis (in the  northeast suburbs of Paris)  under the  stairs at the  back of a shopping mall. Mecca-Cola has  traveled around the  world in all the  languages and  dialects of the  human race. This  is unheard of in the history of the  launch of a product or a brand.