official PotraitBorn in October 10th, 1956 in Kalaa Kebira – Tunisia, Tawfik Mathlouthi, (a Bi-National Tunisian/French) grew up in a traditional family, his father was one of the Sheikh of the illustrious Azzeitouna Masjid of Tunisia.

After arriving in France on July 3d, 1977 and reading Law, Tawfik decided to start his own business as a consultant for several large multi-national firms, such as DHL International, Independent Harbour of Marseille, Air Corse, Weitnawer and Al Amri International Group in Saudia Arabia. This led to him becoming the first registered Arab consultant with CCIP and the CFCE (French Centre of Foreign Trade).

His early business career began with the creation of ‘SOCOFRAR’ (Société de Coopération Franco-Arabe / Society of Franco-Arab Cooperation of Commercial Engineering) and a monthly bilingual Arab/French economic magazine, the first of its kind, called ‘Businesscop’. The successful sale of the latter venture allowed him to start-up his first media business, RFC (Radio France Cooperation). This was quickly followed by the establishment, as a co-founder of the Arabic World Radio in 1987.

He translated Bernard STASI’s book “L’immigration, une chance pour la France” in Arabic ( Immigrants Contribution is a Chance for France)
Bernard STASI was Minister, Vice- President of French Parliament, European MP and President of Centrist Party, he ended his active life as Médiateur de la République.

Tawfik Mathlouthi is former adviser of the President of Gabon Mr. Omar BONGO in 1995 to 1997.
He Also Become International Development Adviser to the Prime Minister Of Common Wealth of Dominica, Rosie Douglass.
Very Well Introduced in Congo Brazza and Congo DRC,  Cameroun, Guinee Equatorial, Niger, Malaysia, Brazil with heads and top rulers, also very closely Linked to the Post Revolution Tunisian political class, rulers and opposition.
Important Connections to some Latin American countries such as: Brazil, Paraguay and Venezuela
He has organised the collection of donations during floods in Tunisia, in 1989, by creating an association, “Comité de Solidarité France Tunisie”. He is President of CFST (Committee for Solidarity, Fraternity and Tolerance) Prix Elyssa, dedicated to Childhood defense and Peace.

Tawfik Mathlouthi leads several seminars (in March 1989, he introduced the discussion regarding Islam in French Parliament), gives conferences, organizes political meetings and coordinates humanitarian actions in Africa and Irak.

His most prominent media venture has been the establishment of Radio Mediterranee in 1992, which rapidly gained a high reputation for being committed to the defence of oppressed populations, thanks to an active and sustained support to Palestine, Iraq, Bosnia, Chechnya, Congo and Rwanda…
He founded in 1984 Radio Du Monde Arabe (Arab World Radio FM in Paris and in 1997, His first Legal and authorized Radio Station RFC (Radio France Cooperation – In Paris and Suburbs)
He actively Supported oppressed populations in the world against American Hegemony and Imperialism, such as in Irak after the war of 1991 and Bosnia.
He supported Algeria against religious extremists during the Black Decade of Civil War and supported the Election of President Bouteflika, Supported peace agreements between Arafat and Rabin, Democratic changes in RDC and is very close to Vice President Arthur Zahidi NGOMA that became a close friend.
He received the biggest leaders of the world in his Radio Talk Show:
Mandela, Chirac,  Arafat, King Abdullah, Philippe Seguin, François Mitterrand, Rocard, Le Pen, Mohammad Abdelaziz (Sahara Occidental), Tarak Aziz of Iraq,  Ben Ali, Hafez Al Assad, Bachar Al Assad, Rafik HARIRI, Bill Clinton, Nelson MANDELA Louis Farakhan et Muammar Gaddafi, Hugo Chavez, Pascal Lissouba, Paul Biya….and many many others.
He was the first Arab Media Men to organize public and official talks at his Radio between Representative of PLO (Mrs Leila SHAHID and Israeli Ambassador Yehuda LANKRY, and to receive successive Ambassadors of Israel to his Radio Station, breaching taboos.
His Radio Station RADIO MEDITERRANEE was the unique “Lang” for all opponents of oppressed countries in North Africa and in Black Africa
Actual President of TUNISIA, who was saved from BEN ALI torture thanks to Radio Méditerrané and Professor Leon SCHWARTZENBERG declared: “RADIO MEDITERRANEE AND MR MATHLOUTHI ARE THE UNIQUE BREATHING LANG OF TUNISIAN OPPOSITION

He Also established an international Foundation Named PRIX ELYSSA FOR DEMOCRATY, PEACE AND CHILDHOOD PROTECTION
It’s an Honorific prize remitted to Presidents in case they facilitate these values. He is also Co-Founder of CCMF ( Consultative Council of French Muslims, at Charles Pasqua Time).

He was very active during the elections in 2002 in France under the umbrella of his political party ‘PFP’,  PARTI DE LA FRANCE PLURIELLE with an important meeting in Paris, a national communication campaign and presence on all Arab TV channels. He directed for 17 years his radio live show Tribune Libre ( Free Speech) , on Radio Méditerranée.

With respect to his charitable intentions, he has founded Mecca Cola in November 6th, 2002 with an exponential growth and commercial presence in more than 60 countries.

He Founded the First Political parti in France for French Citizens of foreign origins: PFP – Parti de la France Plurielle in March 31st, 2001.

He recently Founded ADEBNA, an NGO to protect the rights of Bi and Multi nationals in France.
Actually Producer of 2 TV Programs:
Common word: Inter-religious dialogue for tolerance ( between Jews, Christians, Muslims and Boudhists)
Au Fil des Rencontres: Talk Show, art, culture, social and politics.

Actually he is ending the redaction of two books:
About Marriage in Arab Culture and traditions. النافع في الزواج: دليل المحتار بين المتعة و المسيار
And answer to those who are doubting in the Message of Muhammad ( SAWAS):
L’Islam sans Tabous ni Complaisance. (Islam without taboos or complacency)